About This Site

Introducing 247adslist.com!

Hi and welcome to 247adslist.com! My name is James and I’m the founder of this website. This post is a quick introduction to what you can expect from the service we offer here. Our goal is to provide quality advertising at low cost to all our users.

We also thrive to help educate our users about topics dealing with goal-setting, finance, health, sports, and much more. Our main service include the followings: Advertising, Web-hosting, and the JV Team Builder Project or JVTBP for short. You can click on each specific tab on this website to learn more about any of those services. But, let me give you a quick overview about each one.

Our Advertising Service

Our advertising service is designed in a way to provide quality traffic to your website but at low cost. This is the main goal of this website. Before I became a site owner, I started as an affiliate marketer. At that time, my only motivation was to find a way to make money online working from home. I thought to myself that must be an easy thing to do.

But, I was so wrong because there was one piece of the puzzle I did not consider which is “TRAFFIC.” Therefore, I had to sit back and re-evaluate what I was doing. I decided that one solution to my challenge was to purchase traffic. But, even that, was not easy. See, when you’re just getting started in the affiliate marketing industry, having an advertising budget is the last thing in your mind.

I quickly learn that running an affiliate marketing business or an online home-based business is no different then running a traditional brick-and-mortar business. If people don’t show up then there is no profit. That is why those businesses have to have an advertising budget to keep the customers coming. Now, you understand why most of us fail in this business. It might be easy to start but it’s not so easy to be profitable.

OK, by now you understand that without constant traffic coming to your website or affiliate link then you have no business, right? But one challenge remain that traffic generations companies cost money. How do you deal with that when you are just getting started. Well, 247adslist.com was created with you in mind. Our service offer you advertising service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at a very affordable cost. You will get a chance to learn more about this service later on on this blog.

Our Website Hosting Service

Our next service is the website hosting service. 247Adslist.com is proud to offer our user free hosting service for any domain they own. If you don’t own a domain name yet, you can get one through your hosting account. Those of you who already have a domain, you can get a free website hosting with us.

Our site hosting service include the followings: domain name registration, domain name transfer, FTP manager tools, email account tools, WP installation tools, zacky installer tools, zacky web-builder tools, SQL and PHP tools, SSL, site stats tools, and much more.

Members who upgrade their account to a paid hosting service will get free advertising from our site. More information about this service will be posted later.

JV Team Builder Project

This service is different from the other ones. Here I’m only looking to help people who want to make money online working from home. I do research on legitimate network marketing companies to promote. If you are one of my mailing list subscribers you will get an email invitation for you to join this company before I start promoting it to the public.

If, by the time you join our mailing list, we already have a company to promote then you will be introduce to the company after you confirm your subscription. If you join the company through our online promotion then you can contact so that I can add you to the team builder project. Again, this is only for those of you interested in build financial freedom.

SMART Video Tutorials

If you ever wonder how to set smart goals for your business then this section of our website is what you need. You will have the opportunity to learn the SMART system of goal-setting and much more. This section has more than 50 video tutorials created just for you. Please, take advantage of it. Also, I would be happy if you come here and share with us any video tutorials that you think was helpful to you in the list. We would be happy to learn how this section of our website has helped you to become better at setting and achieving goals.

Personal Finance Video Tutorials

Are you having challenge with your personal finance? Are you looking to learn simple steps you can take toward financial freedom? If YES then our finance section is probably what you need. Please, as a disclaimer, do not use this section of our website as a replacement for a professional financial advisor or planner. This section is brought to by 247adslist.com for educational purpose only. You still need to consult a professional financial advisor to help you deal with challenges pertaining to your specific financial situation. Note that if you decide to use any advice provided by those videos, you are doing so at your own risk.

Health Video Tutorials

If you are interested in topics dealing with eating and losing weights then our health section can help you out. The same disclaimer from our finance section also applies to this section of our website. Those video tutorials are meant to be used for educational purpose only.

Sport Nutrition Video Tutorials

This section is for the athletics out there who might want to learn about nutrition. Also, this section can help provide some ideas for those of you who might be thinking of becoming a sport nutritionist.

In conclusion, It’s my hope that you will find great value in those video tutorials. Also, please feel free to post a comment here on this site about any video that you believe has helped you make changes in your life. I would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading and take care for now!

Financial Freedom Team Builder Project

JV Financial Freedom Project

Do you want to have financial freedom or do you need to have financial freedom? Everyone talks about financial freedom but there is a difference between those who need to have financial freedom and those who want financial freedom. So, if you are reading this post today, my question to you is do want financial freedom or do you need financial freedom?

Do You Want Financial Freedom?

Those who want financial freedom talk about it all the time. The listen to others talking about financial freedom. They watch others talking about financial freedom. The go to event to listen to others taking about financial freedom. They even may talk to others about financial freedom themselves. But yet, that is all they do.

Do You Need Financial Freedom?

Those who need financial freedom do everything mentioned above. Therefore, they look similar to those that want financial freedom. But, they go above and beyond those that want financial freedom. They don’t just talk about it all the time, they take action. They just don’t watch others, they get others to watch them as well. They don’t just listen to others, they get others to listen to them as well. In conclusion, those who need financial freedom are doers.

The Financial Freedom  Mindset

Someone who need financial freedom have a mindset that is totally different from the general public. See, the general public believe in job stability which does not exist. The general public in working in 9 to 5 job. Therefore they are always looking for jobs. The financial freedom mindset believe in innovation. They believe in entrepreneurship and creating businesses. They believe in investing and acquiring assets. Are you an action taker?

Introducing The Financial Freedom Team Builder Project

If you are an action taker then I would to invite you to join my Financial Freedom Team Builder Project or JV Team Builder Project. If you have read the first post on this website you might already have an idea of what I will be talking about here. If you guess the Mobile Business Card tool then your guess is right on! You are probably wondering how can the mobile business card help someone create financial freedom, right? Keep reading to learn more!

Our mobile business card tool has an affiliate marketing opportunity attached to it where you, as an affiliate, get compensated 9 level-deep in your network of referrals. You get paid for showing businesses how to save money on their business card purchase. Who does not like to save money? Specially businesses! You income potential is huge with this business opportunity.

Let Me Be Frank With You!

Most people failed in this type of business because they don’t understand that they have to work at it in order for it to work for them. Passive or residual income does not mean you sit in your cough watching tv while making money (as some might have you believe). I’m not saying it cannot happen but you have to do the necessary work first.

If you join my team, I’m committed to help you out because I already have a system to help promote this opportunity online. As I’m promoting my website this oppotunity is promoted as well. Therefore, as  a member of my team I will also be promoting your link. But, that does not mean for you to not promote yourself as well. By the way once you get your own mobile business card it will be easy to promote your business because all you do is share your business card to others who need to keep in touch with you.

Getting Started!

Getting started with this project is easy. All you have to do is locate the widget on your right hand side then click on the “Advertise My Business Card” link. You will be re-directed to a member’s mobile business card that is already in our system. Feel free to take a look at what they are promoting then click on the link that says “Get Your Virtual Card Here” to create your account. Once your account is created then your mobile card will be added in our system for you to get referrals as well. Feel free to contact me if you have any question. Thanks for reading!