Add My Banner

  1. Thanks for checking out the Add My Banner Marketing service! Please read this carefully so that you can fully understand how to take advantage of this service. Also, you can consider this to be our terms of service because all service will be delivered according to the guideline provided below. Thanks!
  2. All visitors to this website need to create a free subscriber account before they can order service from this site. You can go to the home tab of this website to create your free subscriber account.
  3. After you create your free subscriber account you will receive an email with a link to create an account with our payment platform. If you already have an account with the platform then there is no need to create another account. All you have to do is send us your payment using the platform.
  4. You will need my username in the platform in order to make sure that you are sending your payment to the right person. This information will be given in the email we sent after your registration. Your image and website link need to be approved by us before making any payment. Therefore, you need to send us your website and banner image for approval before you can use our service.
  5. We charge a one time setup fee for this service but, unfortunately, we cannot provide any refund due to the nature of the service been provided. Your one-time fee covers a life-time advertising of your banner on our site.
  6. If you need to update the link of your advertising then you have to pay another setup fee to have your link updated. We have to charge to charge another setup fee for any banner or link update. There will be no fees if you just want to delete your banner and/or link in the system.
  7. You are responsible to provide your own banner. Your banner must be 300×250 and you are responsible to make sure that your link is working properly.
  8. You will not be charged per impressions or per clicks. When we say lifetime advertising we actually mean it.
  9. If you have question or concern about our service you can contact us via the market place, or the contact page on this site or you can post a comment to any post on this website.
  10. Please, give us at least 24 to 48 hours to respond to any inquiry. All inquiries will be adressed in the order they were received.
  11. We reserve the right to update our fee or terms of service at any time without notice. Fee increased will not affect your banner if you are already in our system. But if you need to change or update your banner then you will be charged per the new fee.
  12. If you need help creating your banner then we can provide some assistance for an additional fee. Get started today by becoming a free subscriber of!