Add My Bannner Marketing Officially Launched!

Today, I just wanted to let all my visitors and subscribers know that add my banner marketing service from is officially launched. We still have some minor improvements we are working on but the banner marketing service is up and running.

Add my banner marketing is the main service by which means this is not an affiliate program that we are promoting. We do recommend other affiliate program on our site to help boost our revenue. That is how we can afford offering you a service at such a low cost. Everyone know that advertising online is not cheap. As a matter of fact, all type of advertising is not cheap.

But, our goal is to offer you a banner marketing service that do not require you to break that bank. If you are in any of the following field: home-based business, network marketing, affiliate marketing, online marketing, blog marketing, internet marketing, real estate investing, insurance, or any related business then you need to give our service a try.

We have already included a visit counter on this page as promised so that our visitors and subcribers can see the traffic evolution on our site. Even if you are thinking of buying our service now but we would suggest to bookmark this website so that you can re-visit daily and see the evolution of our traffic on a daily basis. But, as they say, the early birds get the worm.

The early birds will gets more exposure on this site as our traffic improve because our system will have no other option then to display sites that are already in the system as our traffic improved. An we can assure you that we will work hard to get traffic to this site on a daily basis because we also use this for our own ads. Now you can understand our commitment to make this platform a success in terms of traffic.

Our traffic comes from a varity of sources like: search engines, backlinks, login ads, logout ads, banner ads, text ads, and much more. We are also working on implementing marketing contract with other high traffic website as well. All this mean more traffic for those who uses this website. Remember folks, you get to reap the benefits of our online success just for one time fee. Set it and forget it!

How do I know if i’m getting traffic from Good question! I know some system would give you a nice back office to check traffic sent your link and because of that they have to change you a monthly fee to keep up with the cost of administering the system. Well, we wanted to do things differently here. Instead of spending money in a back office system, we have decided to spend it in advertising and promotion of our website.

Therefore, we recommend all our users to use a link tracking system to monitor traffic sent to your link by us. Because, at the end all we all need is that traffic. A nice back office won’t do any good if the traffic is crap. That is why here we are going to focus on getting the traffic right and so much the aesthetic. We look forward to serve you and thanks for reading!