Bits-Pays Shareholders Opportunity!

Would you like to own shares with a great advertising company? If yes, then you owe it to yourself to check out Bits-Pays Shareholder Opportunity! First of all, what is Bits-Pays? Bits-Pays is an advertising platform which provide the following services to its its members: In-Frame Ads, No-Frame Ads, Login Ads, Flash Ads, Banner Ads, and much more.

What is In-Frame Ads? According to bits-pays website, in-frame ads are some sort of cash back advertising program where you get paid 120 percent return on your advertising budget. There are called in-frame because of the way those ads are displayed on their platform (within a frame of some sort).

What is No-Frame Ads? No-Frame Ads, in contrast to in-frame ads, are displayed without a frame. Therefore visitors is re-directed to your entire website without been distracted with other ads while they are viewing your website. Bits-Pays does not offer cash back bonus on no-frame ads purchase but they do give you miner credits to use their mining game (more on that later).

What is Flash Ads? Flash Ads, just like no-frame ads, earn you miner credits but unlike both in-frame and no-frame ads they give you instant traffic to your website. This is lot to remember but once you start using their website it will all make sense to you.

What about Login Ads? Maybe you have used other login ads platform before, Well the concept at bits-pays is no different. But, Just in case you have not, here is how login ads works: first you website is added in a traffic rotator system. Each time some login into the system a random site will be displayed for the user to see. Some platform let the advertisers select the day the want their website to be displayed. Some other platform just select a website at random. Bits-pays let you choose which method you want to use.

What’s the use of miner credits? You can use miner credit to hire your own miner to work for you mining satoshis on the platform. Those credits can be use to buy tools for your miner or to feed your miner. If you have ever played mining game before then this is no different. It’s like having fun playing a game while earning bitcoin. More information about this can be found on their website. There will be a link at the end of this post for your reference.

What’s the deal with the shareholder opportunity? At the time of this writing, Bits-Pays has 146168 shares for sale. Each share with bits-pays entitles the shareholder to receive dividends when the company makes profit. This program has nothing to do with advertising or clicking ads. You can add your own fund to purchase shares or you can earn them for free. There will be an upcoming video that i will posting on youtube where i will be giving a work around their back office. I will also show you how to get those shares with investing a penny. Until next time! Thanks for reading!

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