247adslist.com is now fully functional!

Hello everyone this update is to let you all know that 247adslist.com is now fully functional. In our first update we advised users not to use the paid service yet since admin was still testing and working on the feature on the website. Everything has been tested and we are happy to say that advertisers can now use that section.


Now that this section is live and fully functional, admin has decided to let advertisers use it for a very low cost. Originally, premium ads was visible in the system for 30 days. Now, with this launch all premium ads are going to be visible on the website for 360 days. That’s a lot of visibility!


VIP advertisers will also have their ads advertise on this website for 360 days on top of the hosting services that we offer. The reason for this decision is to give all paid advertisers the chance for their website to receive maximum traffic through search engine and organic search.


Free ads will still stay the same. They will be visible on the website for just 1 day but advertisers can keep renewing their ads for free. Free ads are posted on the classified ads page but are not featured on the website. Also, free ads appear on the page after VIP and premium ads are displayed.


If you would like to learn more about how to use this website then go to JamesVil.info to watch the video presentation. Please, check your email to confirm your subscription if your would like to be included in our email marketing system to increase your site visibility.


If you would like to chat with admin live then feel free to send a free live chat request so that admin can get back to you with a few dates and time when one of the staff will be available to chat online.  Click HERE now to post your first ad for free today. Thanks!

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