247adslist.com can help you promote your health and wellness business!

Do you have a health and wellness home-based business opportunity that you would like to share with others online? Then why not advertise your your product or opportunities with 247adslist.com today? We can assure you that others will see your ads because our classified ads website is leveraging the full power of internet marketing.


Our classified ads is very friendly to affiliate marketers because it was created by an affiliate marketer for affiliate marketers. If you are not an affiliate marketer, then no problem! We have extended our service to other business owners who just want to get some exposure for their business using the power of online marketing. There are thousands of people searching the internet every day for the following health and wellness related topics: how to fight obesity, how to fight diabetes, how to loss weight, how to get healthy, how to build muscle, etc.


If your health and wellness business has anything to do with the topic above then you need to get started posting your ads on 247adslist.com right away. How do we get people to your ads you ask? We are happy to tell you how we do it but we can only summarize our technique because we are pretty sure you don’t need a whole class for that. Here is a summary of how we do it: search engine optimization, paid traffic, free traffic, login ads, banner ads, text ads, email marketing, and so forth. Are those really working? Well, for that we will let out stats speak for us. You can check it below.


We have 3 level of service available. Free ads service where you a can post your ads for free but you have to renew your ad every 24 hrs so your ad stays visible in the system. In case you don’t want to be using manually renewing your ad, we offer a premium ads service where your ads will be  visible on this website for 360 days. For those of you who need a website with your advertising then you need our VIP service which is for 360 days always but domain and lead capture pages included.


Now let’s go back to the benefits of promoting with us. 247adslist.com is indexed in google, yahoo, bing, and have tons of backlinks  linking back to it. This create a lot of momentum online for our website. We work day and night to make sure that 247adslist.com is search engine optimized. Our goal is to position this website as a magnet of free organic traffic.


Then we share those benefits with our members or customers. You can try our website for free and by free we mean free! No credit card required! Your free ads is visible for 24 hrs on the website. You can keep renewing your free ads for another 24 hrs. The number of time you can renew your free ads is unlimited.


Your other option is our premium ads where your ads will be visible in our system for 360 days. This is the best option if you don’t want to renewing your ads every 24 hrs. This option not only will keep your ads visible for much longer but your ads will also be featured in the website.


We also have a VIP service for those who also need to build a website for theirs business. If you have the domain name then we will host it for you and help you build a website. Give us a try today by clicking HERE to post your first ad with us. Thanks for reading!

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