Introducing Add My Banner Marketing!

Hello and welcome to ! Our goal is to be your one setup fee solution for banner marketing. Our other service also include the following: free hosting, basic hosting, business hosting, semi-dedicated hosting, vps hosting, email marketing tool, capture page tool, landing page tool, autoresponders, and much more.

In the next days to come we will be posting a lot of information dealing with hosting, online marketing, affiliate marketing, and network marketing. We are looking forward to make this site the place you can come to if you have question about any of the topics that were mentioned above.

You can intaract with us through the comment section that is enabled for each post on this website. Please, if your comment or question is more private then click use the contact tab to get in touch with us. We are looking forward to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible.

Last, but not least, we are planning to add banner advertising to this platformfor just a one time setup fee. Our banner advertising project will be a little bit different from other platform. Let’s talk how banner ads work on other platforms. You are charged by impressions to your site. The issue with that is impression does not mean visit.

Most banner advertisers don’t understand this but it’s crucial. For example, you can have 10000 of impressions to your site but you only receive 1 actual visitor and that’s if you are lucky. Now, if the platform you are using is charging per impression (cost per impression) then you can understand how much you will have to spend for a possible chance to get 1 visit to your site.

Then what is an impression anyway? Good question! An impression is a display of your website on another website or platform. Therefore, 1 impression means 1 display. Now, here is what you need to understand. Let’s say your site was displayed 10000 time at midnight on a platform. At midnight there was nobody using the platform.therefore your site receive 0 visit from 10000 impressions. Are you getting the picture?

Therefore, there are a few things you need to consider about buying banner ads impressions. First, banner impression does not mean click or visits. Second, timing of display is a big factor of banner impression but you can’t control that because most platform use a random display script to display ads. Third, website traffic is another big factor to consider before buying banner impressions on any platform.

Our goal here is to offer a banner marketing service where impressions, views, or clicks does not matter. This is a very bold statement but we can do it and we are actually working very hard to make it happen. We have plan to convert traffic from several high traffic site to this platform. Of course, there is going to be a cost for doing that. But, we are not going to charge you base on those costs.

Once the project is launched, we will be adding a counter to this site so you can witness for yourself the traffic we are receiving from other website through our advertising strategies. Please, note that some of the strategies that we will be using will cost us a month fee to implement but we will not charge you a monthly to advertise here and take advantage of our advertising techniques.

Your cost will be a one-time setup fee! Yes, I said it! One-time and forget about cost per impressions, cost per clicks, or cost per visits. That’s our main goal here. Therefore, keep visiting us often to learn so that you can be updated once our banner marketing service is launched. Better yet, why not become a subscribers to our site to keep up with our updates. Thanks for reading! Until next time!