ORU Marketplace Overview

What is ORU? ORU stands for ONE RACE UNITED and the service they provide include the following: prepaid debit card, online payment processor system, social media platform, advertising platform, and much more. Since, we are using ORU to collect payment for our service, therefore we have decided to provide some information about the platform.

How does ORU work? The platform is really easy to use! If you have use any payment platform in the past then you will be able to navigate your way around the ORU platform. First, you have to create your free account then you can upgrade to a premium account if you need the premium service.

What service does ORU free account include? Your free account gives you the opportunity to send and receive payment from any users in the platform. You also have access to the social platform and chat tool. You can also purchase the ORU quantum which is the official unit of payment of the market place.

What service is included in the premium account? If you are looking to have easy access to your fund in ORU then the ORU prepaid debit card is your best bet. Once, you signup for the premium service you get access to the prepaid debit card that will be sent to your address.

What are the advantages of buying ORU quantum? As we said before ORU quantum is the currency unit of the oru community. Users use it to buy or sell service in the marketplace. On top of that, Some users buy ORU and hold on to it so they can sell it at a later time for profit.

How do i get more information about ORU? To learn more about the system, feel free to subcribe to this website then check your email for a link that redirect to their official website. Or you can click HERE to create a free account so that you can get a better understanding of their system. Thanks for reading!