ORU Payment Update

This is a quick updates about our ORU payment system. I understand that some of you might have concern about us using ORU as a payment system for our service. In this post I want to explain a little bit why we made that decision. Our service was created with the ORU community in mind. Users of the ORU communities won’t have any issue with using ORU as a mean of payment.

But, we are willing to look at other payment method if there is a need for it. We have to base our decision on supply and demand. If handfull of you is requesting for a different payment method then we will have to consider your request. But if not enough people is requesting for a different payment method then we have to stick to ORU because, according to our projection, this is where most of our customers will be coming from.

If you want us to consider different payment method then please reply to this post with your suggestions. We will review all suggestions then make a decision. Thanks for reading and take care for now!