247adslist.com has been re-launched and is now live!

Hello and welcome to this special announcement about the launch of 247adslist Online Advertising Platform! We are now live! You can use this platform for free to advertise your own business. All free ads will be made available in the system for 1 day.

After 1 day your free ads will expire but you can keep renewing your ads for another day. The number of days you can renew your free ads in the system is unlimited. You will need to create a free account at the time of posting if you need access to manage all your ads in the system.

If you want your ads to last more in the system then you need our premium ads service. Premium ads are available in the system for 30 days. After 30 days your premium ads will expire. You will need to create a free account if you want access to manage all your premium ads in the system.

Last, but not least, there is the VIP Marketing-&-Hosting package for those entrepreneurs who need web hosting and visibility in our system. VIP ads last 90 days in the system. VIP ads are shown in in the featured ads section of the website.

In conclusion, we highly recommend all users and members to review our terms of service before using any service provided by this website. Questions and concerns can be sent to admin using the contact page on this website. You can also post a comment or review on this post if you don’t mine been seen by the public.

This website is managed by Vil and Associates, LLC which is an online marketing company located in Florida, USA. This is our first post regarding this website so bear with us here as we are still working on some functionality of the site. Therefore, we wanted to make a few quick updates.

First, You might have found this site through SEO search. Please, note the site is not fully functional yet. Admin is still working on some functionality issues.  Admin is working days and nights to get this site fully functional in the next coming days. Please, bear with us.

Second, If you are anxious to start using this website then we appreciate your interest. Therefore, here is admin’s advice to you. Do not use the paid service of this site yet because this feature is yet to be tested as of the date of this post. You can start using the free service to  test the functionality of the website.

Third, this site is an online advertising platform modeling free classifed ads platform. The goal for creating this website was to provide affiliate marketers a platform to promote their affiliate or network marketing opportunities. Then admin decided to add a few more categories for other business owners who might interested in using the platform.

Fourth, you will notice that our list of categories is really short comparing to other classified ads platform. The reason for this is that admin believe adding too much categories might create more confusion for users. Therefore, admin decided to start this online advertising platform with few ad categories. Admin is opened to review any request for new categories if there is a need.

Fifth, please do not use this website if you have not read and agree with our terms of service.  We are still working on a more detailed TOS but for now here is what you need to know as a starter: 1. NO ponzy or pyramid scheme 2. NO adult content 3. NO illegal gambling 4. NO spamming 5. NO scamming 6. NO fiching 7. Admin will remove all ads that are guilty of any of the above.

Sixth, If you have question about our privacy policy then you can visit the privacy page at the bottom of this website for more information. You can also contact admin using the contact form provided on this website if you have more questions after you have reviewed our privacy policies. Please, allow up to 48 hours for admin to get back to you.

Seventh, you can check our traffic stats at the bottom of any page of this website if you have question about how many visitors we are able to get here on this website. Obviously, our traffic stats is low now since we are not doing any promotion yet. But, once we announce that our website is now live and fully fonctional then you can come and take a look at our web traffic.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading this first update about 247adslist Online Advertising! You are welcome to post a comment to this update or any other update we make in the future. Your comment or reply are welcome and encouraged. That’s how we know you, as the user, support what we are doing and trying to accomplish here. Take care for now!


Take care for now and happy advertising! Thanks!

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