Terms Of Service

247adslist is an online marketing platform providing advertising services to affiliate marketers, network marketers, small business owners, home-based business owners and so forth.

247adslist offers 3 levels of service which are free, premium, and VIP. The cost of those services are subject to change at any time and without notice to keep up with the administrative cost of running this website.If the cost of service changes it will not affect those members who already purchase our service. But, those cost will become in effect at time of renewal or new purchase.

247adslist will do its best to keep the cost low for as long as possible unless the cost of doing business dictate otherwise. Our goal is to drive traffic to your business or website at a price that is affordable for everyone.

247adslist automatically handle all purchases and posts without the need for admin to intervene. This create faster service for all members on autopilot. But, if your ads contain illegal or offensive contents then it will be removed from our website without reimbursement.

247adslist DOES NOT provide service to websites with the following content: pyramid scheme, ponzy scheme, adult content, coarse language, hateful content, or any other content related to the above. Our service is to help people advertise legitimate business that provide service to the general public. Therefore, we cannot approved websites or ads that are considered to be offensive to some public.

247adslist use only paypal to process all purchase made on this website. We don’t use any other mean to process payment. We use paypal because it’s the most online secure payment processor system that we can think of at this time. Feel free to contact us if you have any issue making a payment on our website.

247adslist DO NOT have a refund policy because of the nature of the service been provided. All payments are final therefore make sure you are certain about purchasing our service before you buy.

247adslist CANNOT guaranty that you will make any sales by purchasing this service. But, 247adslist CAN guaranty that your ads will be viewed by thousands of visitors.

247adslist offer a VIP Marketing-&-Hosting package for businesses that need both advertising and web hosting services. Prospects ordering this service must contact admin first to discuss about web hosting need.VIP ads will not only show up in the advert section of the website but they will also be visible in the featured ads locations of the website. VIP Ads are shown on this website for 360 days then they expired. This create maximum visibility for our VIP customers.

247adslist offer a Premium Ads service for businesses that only need visibility. Premium ads are shown in the system for 360 days then they expired. Premium ads are also visible in the featured ads section of the website. Users can renew their premium ads if they choose to do so for another 360 days.

The free ads service is for users who want to try our platform. Free ads are visible in the system for 1 day. Users can keep renewing their free ads every day if they so choose. 247adslist use the homepage of this site to post updates  about the website. Users are welcome to post comments or replies to those posts. We would love to hear what you think about our service.

Those terms of service can be changed or updated at any moment. Please, always visit this page before using our service. Thanks for reading!