Introducing Free Classified Ad Board!

What is Free Classified Ad Board?

Free Classified Ad Board is a new service launched by the owner of that provides free ads listing service to the online and local communities. Users can use our site for free to advertise product, service, or business opportunities. Small and online home-based business owners are welcome to use our service.

Your free ad board listing will last 7 days on our website. After 7 days it will expire. Once it’s expired you can renew your listing for another 7 days. You might want to create a free account with our website so you can manage your ads. It will make it easier to edit or renew your listing in our system. If you don’t have time to manage your ads then you can opt for our paid listing options.

How much does the paid listing option cost?

Our free classified ad board has 2  listing options. Option 1 is the Free Ads listing service where your listing will stay in our system for 7 days.  Options 2 is the Featured Ads  listing service where your listing is displayed for 12 months. For the purpose of this service we consider each month to be 30 days. The cost for this service is $50 USD.

What is “Featured Ads Only” service?

This service is reserved only for those who purchase our ad board listing service for 12 months. We consider those users as our sponsors because they are helping us keep the website running. We strive to provide a free classified ad board listing service for everyone to use but to keep that service running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is not free. Therefore for those users who come on board at the 12 month-service-level we go the extra miles to give them more exposure on our site.

Featured Ads Only listings stand out from any other listing in our ad board. The color is different and they are always on top of all other listings in the ad board platform. Not only those ads stands out but those ads also display on many other pages of the website even if people are not looking at the ad board. We also send traffic directly to all our featured ads listing members.

What are the benefits of using our free classified ad board?

This free classified ad board has been in the making for a long time. We have change platform upon platform in the hope of finding a platform that will allow us to provide this service for free while been able to keep up with the cost. We have spent countless of hours to make sure that our are search engine optimized so that all you have to worry about is your listing and nothing else.

Because of the work that we have been on this site SEO wise, We can guaranty that you will get visit from our SEO traffic techniques. Our goal here is to send you targeted traffic that are interested in purchasing what you have to sell. We are not sending your links to a bunch of dead leads.  We are doing something pretty unique here. Are you ready to get started? If yes then click here to register your account or post your ads. Thanks for reading!

Freemartcard Compensation Plan

What is Freemartcard?

Thank you for stopping by! I wanted to create this post to talk about Freemartcard or Freemart virtual business card. My goal was to focus on the Freemartcard compensation plan. But, then, It came to me that not everyone who is going to read this post would know what Freemartcard is. Therefore, I’m going to start by breaking the ice first, shall we?

Freemartcard was, at its beginning, a digital product sold by Shopfreemart. The owner of Shopfreemart decided that Freemartcard can be a standalone product having its own website with its own back office. I’m not sure why the decision was made but as it is now Freemartcard is its own product with its own website but still attached to Shopfreemart for tracking and reporting purposes.


OK that was just a brief story to get your attention! But, what is Freemartcard? Let me think a little bit here!!! Ok, enough thinking! Freemartcard is, for some, a virtual business card or a digital business card or a network marketing business card or a mobile business card. For others Freemartcard can be a greeting card or a sharing card. See, Freemartcard can be different thing for different people.

Personally, I see Freemartcard as a digital business card that both small and home-based business owners can use to grow their team or network. That is why I’m a big promoter of Freemartcard. Using Freemartcard as your digital business card will make your business profitable because your cost to get access to the tool is very low. Also, when you change your information the change happen automatically so that the people you share your business card with are always up to date with your new information.


Freemartcard is also very appealing to network marketers either as a tool to promote other business opportunities or as a business opportunity in itself. The reason why is because Freemart virtual business card is also attached to a 3 by 9 compensation plan. Expert in network marketing would call that a multi-level compensation plan. According to this compensation each member in the team can only have a maximum of 3 people in their first level but you get paid up to 9th level of the compensation plan.

Let’s lead with some example here! People always say that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. So let me give you a picture of the Freemartcard compensation plan. This is for those of you considering Freemartcard as your primary home-based business (part-time or full-time). The picture you are going to see is a Freemartcard income projection based on a 2×9 compensation plan. That means you get 2 who get 2 up to the 9th level. Below is what your income will look like.

According to the chart above, If you get 2 who get 2 up to the 9th level and all of you purchase the 60 dollars per 6 month plan then your income every 6 months will be $5,038. But, what if you get 2 who get 2 up to the 9th and all you bought the 90 dollars per year plan? Well here is another chart for you!

As You can see, in the chart above, your income will be $8312.70. This income is per year of course. This could mean some extra saving or vacation or paying off some bad debt like mortgage and/or credit cards. But, let’s get more serious here. How about you go ahead and really focus on building this business where everyone in your team is getting 3 people up to the 9th level. Let’s take a look at some more chart!

According to the chart above, if you go out and get 3 people and they each get 3 up to the 9th level of the compensation, and assuming you all purchase the $60 per 6 months virtual business card membership then you will be making $168,558 every 6 months. Now, how is that for an annual income? Do you think that is impossible? No, it’s not impossible! If you keep reading this blog up until the end I will tell you why I believe this can be achieved. But, before that, let’s get even more serious and with a team that purchase the $99 digital business card annual membership plan. Here is what our chart become!

Every year you will be making $278,120.70 as income. Wouldn’t that income change your lifestyle if you could make it happen? Now, the question is: can you? Well, yes you can! But it’s not going to happen if you don’t take action. Do you know that some people are making more than that? So, this is nothing but you have to have the right mindset for this type of business. Also, please note that any information and/or income claims made on this post are just projections. Therefore, they are not guaranty of income.

I did promise that I will tell you why I believe this can be achieved, right? That is exactly what I intend to do here. If you take a look all the charts we have shown you the number of members that need to be in your network is 19683. Keep that number in mind while you may go and check our visitors count on this blog. This blog was re-launched back in September of 2019. Since that re-launch a number of 18972 have visited this website as of the time of this post. Do you see where I’m going with this?


Trust me when I say that visitors that are action takers will decide to join this opportunity just like you might decide to join after you read this. As you join, there will be other joining after you and filling up the level below you since everyone can only have 3 in their first level. This is an opportunity for massive spillovers. So you see! This blog can help build this business really fast and really all you have to do is take action to position yourself.

As you are sharing your freemart virtual business card with others, this blog will also help you get spillovers. If you would like to see how your freemart online business card might look like then you can click on any of the freemartcard sticky note image above. Those are real users using our freemartcard viral marketing system. Click below for more information if you would like to us to help you promote your business using our freemartcard viral marketing system.


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