Virtual Business Card Marketing System

Welcome to our virtual business card profit sharing information page! If you are an affiliate marketer, network marketer, home-based business owner,  small business owner, insurance agent, real estate agent, real estate investor, then you need to pay attention to what I’m going to share with you here.

How would you like to get paid residual commission while promoting your own business? Yes, this is possible! If you are in affiliate marketing or network marketing, there is a way to get paid passive residual commission even if nobody join your primary opportunity. How, do you ask? Well, be patient! I’m going to explain everything here.

Are you an insurance agent? Then yes, you too, can not create passive residual income for your insurance business even if you did not sell a single insurance quote. How is that possible right? Well, trust me when I tell you it is possible and I’m here to help you get there.

If you are a real estate agent then here is one question for you, how do you manage to get cash flow when the market is down? I know you still need to keep marketing and advertising. But, how do you do this when the cash flow is low? How do you keep up when people are not buying or selling houses. Well, I’m here to show a way out if you are willing to take a look. And NO, I’m not here to tell you to quick doing what you are doing. I’m here to show you a smart way way to build your business.

If you are a real estate investors then you are in the same boat as well. Now, I know as a real estate investors you might have your rental portfolios which might generating some cash flow for your business. But, guess what! It’s tough out there for every body. So of course, you might run into issues like tenants not paying on time and evictions. All this can take a big chunk of money out of your portfolios. Then how would a $2000 or $5000 passive residual commission sounds like?

OK, enough said, let me tell you exactly how you do it and how I can help you get this off the ground. What do you think is the number one thing that all business owners need? if you said a business card then you have the right answer! Now, bear with me here, what do you think most people do when they need business cards? They order some physical cards online or some places where they make them. All right, what do you think happen when your address or phone number change? You guess it! Those business cards become obsolete and new need to order new ones.

Furthermore, have you ever has a customer or even business partners asking you for your business cards a thousand times? Of course yes! Do you know why that happen? It’s because they keep misplacing those business card. So if you information changes and this customer who lost your card does not have a way to contact you then  this is a lead that is lost. One might not hurt your business too much, you think! but guess what if this keep happening then your profit could go down the trail.

Here is the solution! What if there was a virtual business card tool that can help you solve all those issues, would you give it a try? Yes, but how does that help me create passive residual income? Good question, and this is where I come in. There will be a link at the end of this page. This is the link you click to get your signup for your virtual business card. Once you have your virtual business card set up then you will need to send me the link to your virtual business card.

In return i will add your virtual business card link on my traffic rotator system so that the next person who is interested in purchasing a virtual business card could be buying it from you. This is a great system because that person will also be expose to whatever business that you are promoting. This is a smart way to get exposure to your business while having the possibility to get paid commission even if no signup or buy from your primary business. Are you ready to get started? Then click the link below and let’s get rolling!

Virtual Business Card Profit Sharing System Registration Free Fast Traffic System

Hello and welcome to which is your link to cost effective advertising and training! My goal here is to help you generate traffic to your website. It does not matter if your website is about affiliate marketing, network marketing, small business, home-based business, insurance, real estate, etc.

The only website we cannot help are websites that promote illegal activities. Your website will be reviewed before we agree to help you advertise it online. I hope that is clear to everyone. Our service is called the “Free Fast Traffic System” because you are going to get free advertising credits from us to advertise your website all over the internet.

This has been always my goal since the first day I created this website. But then it was hard for me to figure out how I wanted to do this. The truth is driving quality traffic to any site is  hard to come by nowadays. There is a lot to deal with starting from fake traffic to robot mimicking human behavior. I wanted to create a system where I can help small and home-based business owners avoid spending tons of money purchasing fake traffic.

Therefore, I decided to come up with the free fast traffic system. Now, let me tell you up front that the platform where you are going to get the traffic from is not my invention. Someone else created the platform and I have been using that platform to drive quality traffic to my own website. I figured out that I can help you advertise your own business but sharing some of my ad credits with you.

That way, you will start getting free advertising to your website and fast. That is why I call this system free fast  traffic. I going to share 10000 ad credits with you after you register your free account in the system using the link provided below. You can use your ad credits to advertise anything you like in the system as long as it is a legal legitimate business.

What’s the catch? Why free? Good question! The answer is simple! By giving you free ad credits to advertise your business in the system, you get to experience how simple it is to advertise with this system. You might decide to keep advertising in the system by purchasing additional ad credits to keep your website in rotation in the system. If you do that then I will make a commission from your purchase.

Those commissions will allow me to keep giving ad credits to other small or home-based business owners who might want to try the system before they commit on purchasing ad credit in the system. This is a win-win for everybody. If you decide that you don’t want to keep using the system that is fine as well but I do believe that might be a difficult decision to make once you understand the power of the system.

How do I get started? I thought you would never ask! Go below this page and click on the free fast traffic link. Signup using your name and a good working email address. You will need to confirm that address before you get access to create your free account in the system.

Go to your email the click on the activation link. A page will open on a new window having my name (James Vil) and my picture. You will need to use that page to create a free account in the system. You will need to create a username. I will check for that username in my back office then I will credit 10000 ad credits to your account fast.

Not only you will get the ad credits but you will also receive great content and video tutorials about how to build your list or your business. Therefore, you need to check your email every so often for those emails. Are you ready to get started? If YES, then click the link below now!


Free Site Hosting

Anyone can order our hosting service but you have to contact us first.  We have decided not to include any link on this website for this service because not everybody understand how web-hosting work. Therefore, to avoid any confusion, you must contact us first to request more information about our hosting service.

When you contact us we need to know information about your request: Do you have a domain name? Do you have a webmaster that can help you build your website?  How many domains are you looking to host? What is your business about? Are you familiar with WordPress? Please, consider providing an answer for each of those question because that will help better guide you in your endeavor.

If you already know how to use and manage a hosting account then feel free to go below this page and click the link provided. That will take you straight to our hosting offer page. From there you can create your free hosting account If you already have a domain name.

If you don’t have a domain name then you can use the free subdomain that come with your free hosting account. This will give you a feel for what to expect from our service. Once you feel comfortable with our system and you start getting a load of traffic to your website then you might consider upgrade to a paid hosting account.

If you ever need help with your hosting account then feel free to post a comment here on or you can use the contact button available on this website to get in touch with us. If we can help you directly then we might have to refer you to our help desk for more support. Click below to get your free hosting account today. Thanks!



Your Wellness Gift Card

Are you struggling with weight loss? I might have a product for you! Are you struggling with pain? I might have a product for you! Are struggling with high blood pressure? I might have a product for you! Are you struggling with diabetes? I might have a product for you! Are struggling with low sex-drive? I might have a product for you! Are you struggling with anxiety? I might have a product for you! Are you struggling with sleeplessness? I might have a product for you!

Not only I might have a product for you but I also have a gift card for you to purchase your first product. Yes, you heard me right! I will give you a 25 dollars gift card to use toward your first purchase. It’s like you are getting your first product for free. I’m paying it forward because someone who cares about me did the same thing for me. Are you interested? If yes then click below now to get your free gift card. Thanks!