Everything You Need to Promote, Sell and Make Money from Any Product Online!

If you have never experienced the fun and power of keyword marketing, or the thrill of seeing money pop into your account like magic, then… You are in for a treat. Join me now at Front Page Mail and let me show you how it’s done

You can start small and fund your account for as little as $20.00, or start strong and go BIG. We make it easy for new and experienced marketers to make money easily.

Now if you are smart and brave enough to invest in one of the larger memberships. The Professional, Manager, or Founder level, we’ll give you up to 500 tokens so you can start buying keywords as soon as you log in.

Even at the manager level, you could buy 250 $1.00 keywords. The more keywords you own, the more money you can make. And here’s the thing…

If you find a popular keyword or phrase at a low price and you purchase it. It’s yours.
You own it for life. No one else can snatch it away from you. If it’s a higher priced word, $50.00 or more, and you own it, others who want to use it will have to pay to link to it and you get a cut of the linking fee.

If you don’t know what keyword to buy for your website or if you feel like you getting overwhelm then don’t be. You can use our Free Keyword Search Tool to help in the process.

This tool will provide crucial information about any keyword you choose to buy. Searching for a KEYWORD before you buy or link it to your website is crucial because you don’t want to buy keywords that nobody is searching online, right? Therefore, knowing ASR and the QSR of a keyword that you choose to buy is crucial.

If you would like to learn more then please click here to access our Search Engine Optimization Keyword Search Tool. Thanks for reading!

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