Social Media Advertising Techniques!

I remember the time when email marketing was considered to be the best marketing solution ever for online marketers, network marketers, or anyone running an online home-based business. Well, local and small businesses also great a great opportunity for customer acquisition and retention.

Then things stated to change with the emergence of social media systems like facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram, pinterest, and much more. We are seeing much more busnesses opting for advertising that would help them reach users on social media. But, why is that?

Personally, I believe that email marketing is becoming less and less productive when it come to customer acquisition. I do believe It is still a great tool for customer retention but more and more people are becoming skeptical about entering their email in a lead capture page not knowing that they are getting themselves into.

People are more likely to respond to ads where they have full understanding of what they are getting into. If you have been online for sometime you will notice that most network marketers are using lead capture page that are so generic that people lose interest in them. Well, it was like that before because in the past people tend to be curious about why lay behind the curtain.

Nowadays, things are a little bit different because people don’t sign up  on any lead capture page, landing page, or squeeze page unless they know exactly what they are signing up for. I guess the element of surprise is no longer working. Therefore, if you’re business is still using that then maybe you’re missing the boat.

I was surprise to learn that big network marketers in the industry were not really using those methods at all. Now, you have heard the saying that the money is in the list, right? Ok, here is the truth “unless people know you they won’t buy from you.” Think about this for a second. You can spend countless time and money trying to build a list but if you don’t have any connection with your subscribers then your list is dead.

The golden rule is that people buy from people they trust is the whole concept of network marketing. The idea is not to build a list of subscribers but a network of subscribers. What do I mean by that? Well, let me explain this way, your list of subscribers is not necessary a network is the people in your list have no connection with each others or yourself.

No matter what you do if there is no interaction in your list then it’s a dead list. That is what most online marketers have build their list after that have proven themselves somehow and people have to build a level of trust enough to join their list. I bet you did not think of that, right? Now, how do you build that trust or that connection. Well, that is where social media can play a big role.

If you are a network marketer, affiliate marketer, online home-based owners, or if you have any product that you are trying to sell online then your need to start with your social media account with those who already have some trust in you. Those people who already trust you could bring you other people who will trust you by association. This why expert in network marketing called “Word Of Mouth Marketing.”

Trust me this is the best way to start your internet business. Your lead capture page, landing page, or autoresponder is really not the first step. Your first step is your NETWORK that is why it’s the first word you find in  “NETWORK Marketing.” You need to have people in your network that is either willing to join your opportunity or that is willing to refer other to your opportunity and that is how you build your network who could then become your downline.

If you would like to learn more about this topic or even been introduced to our recommended software to build your downline using social media then i would like to invite you to visit this BLOG for more information. Thanks for reading and take care for now!

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