Penny Pays Social Media Advertising Review!

Introducing Penny Pays!

This is going to be a quick review about a brand new system called Penny Pays that is taking social media advertising by storm. I have been testing this system for quite sometime now. In this review I’m going to share my honest opinion about the Penny Pays.

Ok, the name of the system is called “Penny Pays” and the service they provide is social media advertising. Their system is revolutionary and unique and by the time you finish reading this review you will understand why.

How does Penny Pays work?

You can join penny pays as an advertiser or as an agent. First, let’s talk about the advertising opportunity. Penny Pays have multiple agents worldwide that have registered to share business post on their facebook account. There are certain qualifications that an agent must meet before they can be accepted as an agent with penny pay but more on that later.

Registering as an advertiser with Penny Pays!

As an advertiser, all you do is post your business ad in the system and let penny pays agents share your post on their facebook wall. Think about it! Your post can get in front of thousands of people in facebook through penny pays agents recommendation. As you already know “word of mouth” is the best advertising system that anyone can get for their business.

The cost to register as an advertiser with penny pays is free! Yes, you heard me right! It is actually free! Once you register your account you can get a feel for the system learn your dashboard or even communicate with support or other agents in the system for free then when you feel comfortable enough with the system you can start running your facebook campaign and let penny pays agents help you get your business post in front of thousands on facebook.

The minimum cost for running a campaign is 50 bucks but you can run a campaign for more if you want more agents to share your post. In my personal experience with the system, I have run an ad campaign for a small business using the system in within 4 days of running the ad the business receive about 500 views to their website from facebook. This is really not bad, isn’t it?

Let’s recap! Advertisers join for free and only pays when they want to run an adshare in the system. Advertisers do not have to verify their facebook account if they are not registering as an agent in the system. Now, let’s talk about the agent opportunity!

Registering as an agent with Penny Pays!

The agent home-based business opportunity is for those who would like to make money online through social media advertising using their facebook account. Agents can join as free agent or as gold agent. All agent, free or gold, must verify their facebook account with Penny Pays before they are allowed to publish for advertisers.

Free agents make money publishing for advertisers. The more friends you have on facebook the more money you make publishing post for advertisers. Free agents also make money for referring other advertisers in the system. Each time the adveriser purchase a campaign the free agent makes 10% commission of that campaign. Free agents can increase their income in the system when they become a gold agents.

Gold agents make more then free agents when publishing for advertisers. Gold agents make 20% commission when they refer an advertisers that purchase an adshare in the system. Better yet, gold agents are automatically added in a matrix commission bonus which is a forced 2×14 matrix. The benefits of that is to help gold agents profits from the recruitment of their sponsors.

I you would like to give penny pays a try then you can click  here to create a free account. If you are interested a building a penny pays home-based business as an agent then feel free to upgrade your account and I will personally help you promote your affiliate link in my online marketing traffic system.

You will be given access to my traffic team dashboard when can see daily traffic that is generated for your link and for the team and general. If you have any question about this opportunity then feel free to reply to this post and i will make sure to get back to you within 24 hrs. You can also request a free live chat with me here on this website or contact me through your Penny Pays messaging system. Thanks for reading this post!

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