7 Steps To Succeed In Network Marketing Starting This Year!

Are you looking to succeed in network marketing starting this year? If your answer is YES then follow the 7 steps below!

    1. STOP buying fake traffic!
    2. STOP buying fake leads!
    3. STOP chasing your relatives!
    4. STOP chasing your friends!
    5. STOP chasing your coworkers!
    6. STOP sending spam emails
    7. START marketing like a PRO!

I know you might be wondering if you need to stop doing all these things then how are you going to build your network marketing business in 2020, right? Well, let me ask you this: how well is your network marketing business? Honestly! Don’t give me the “Awesone” answer pretending that everything is great when you know you are not where you really want to be. Let’s review what you have probably been doing so far.

Buying Fake Traffic!

You have probably spent a lot of money buying fake traffic from traffic service companies. Unfortunately, you network marketing business is still not booming. You are still not having the success that you want, right? Trust me when I tell you that I know what you are going through. I’ve been there and done that. But, how can you know if you’re buying fake traffic. Well, you don’t! Even those companies tell you they cannot guarantee leads or sales.

Did you know that some companies actually use bot to generate hits on your site? You know what that means, right? You are wasting money away! I know it sounds easy to just pay a company to send traffic to your site, but in most cases you are not getting real human visitors to your site. Not all traffic service companies are the same. Some actually do send real human visitor to your site but you have to do your due diligence before wasting your hard earn money away.

My suggestion to you, if you are going to buy traffic, is to use site where you don’t have to pay monthly fees to generate traffic. There are lot traffic service site that provide services like: traffic exchange, solo ads, mailing ads, banner ads, text ads, and login ads for just a one-time setup fees. I believe anyone in a tight budget can afford a one-time membership fee for advertising service. If you would like some recommendations then click here!

Buying Fake Leads!

Some companies offer lead generation services for a monthly setup fees. Some others sell you leads on a cost-per-lead basis which means you pay for the amount of leads you need without monthly fees. No matter how you are paying to get those leads you have to ask yourself one question: how are they getting those leads? They have to get those leads somewhere, right? Think about it! Did those leads agree to get their information sold to third parties? Would you agree to have your information sold to third parties? Now, you can understand why these type of leads don’t usually work.

Chasing Your Families, Friends, or Co-Workers!

If you have been in network marketing long enough, by now, you should know that this strategy does not work. It might have worked in the past but now you have to approach network marketing with a different mindset. I still remember when I was first introduced to network marketing. I was told to make a list of everybody I know, starting with my relatives (including granma). How ridiculous is that, right? Well, what happen when there is no friends or families left to contact once the ones you contacted said NO?

Do you see why most people failed to succeed in network marketing? They have been lied to? They have been given the false promise that they can just get the people they know to join and those people will get others to join and they make money. Unfortunately, that’s not really how it works. Think deeper! Do you think that people that are successful business owners was relying on their friends and families to make it happen? Chances are your friends and families are  just waiting for you to succeed so you can give them a job. No offense but you have to understand some people just don’t have the entrepreneurial mindset.

Sending Spam Emails!

This strategy goes hand in hand with buying fake leads. First, let me define what i mean by fake leads. We know that some companies might have robot mimicking signups on a lead capture page. Therefore, you get a lead that might appear to be genuine with some fake email. You will not know that the email is fake until after you got an undeliverability notice from your email service provider.  But, that is one way to understand fake leads. How about leads from people who did not request the information you are sending them? Yes, whenever you send email to people who did not request for it, you are spamming them. This is just illegal!

In conclusion

Sorry to disappoint you if you are  using those type of strategies. Some of them just don’t work and some of them are just illegal. But, there is a proper way to market. There is a professional  way to connect with others and have them take a look at your business opportunity.

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