Acquisition Alliance Compensation Plan

What is Acquisition Alliance?

AAI School of Prosperity can be considered as a school for network marketers who are looking to learn how to market their business professionally online.  Have ever been told to make a list of your friends, families, and co-workers so you can pitch your business to them? Yes, we all have heard it! Be sure here at Acquisition Alliance you will not hear this sort of thing.

Acquisition Alliance will tech you how to market your network marketing business like a PRO using the power of the internet. If you are like me you probably almost give up the idea of creating financial freedom through network marketing, right? Let me tell you this right now! It’s not lost! You still can if you join AAI School of Prosperity. Better yet, did you know that school will pay you for introducing new student to their platform. This is what I call you get paid while you learn.

Acquisition Alliance Compensation Plan

The cost of enrollment in the school is now 23 bucks. The school is still in pre-launch as of the time of this writing. I’m not sure if the school board will decide to raise the enrollment after they finally launch which is set to happen somewhere in January. Therefore, between now and January would be a good time for students to enroll in the school.

Your cost of enrollment also put you in a 3×3 Matrix where you can get paid for students enrolling after you that fall in your matrix. You are literally getting paid to learn how to market your business using network marketing techniques. Check the chart below this page to get an idea how AAI compensation plan works!

Contact me if you want me to include your link so that the next prospect student¬† reading that page who is interested in joining can join under you. This page is already rank #1 for AAI school of network marketing. You can search it for yourself if you want. This is telling you that I’m committed to promote AAI because I believe they are providing a great service for the network marketing community.

23 bucks do not just enroll you in the school. As a student you also will be part of all future joint ventures started by the school. For example, if the school invest in projects like real estate, crypto-currencies, or any other profitable assets, you get part of the profit share. How cool is that? There is no where you can get such business opportunity for just 23 bucks. Did I mention it is 23 bucks one-time? Yes, it is!

AAI also have introduced another product called the Pro-Marketers Program! Frankly, this is not for everyone! This is only for those who are serious about advertising their business online. For a limited time those who are interested in this part of the program can get in without any requirements but the fee. Starting in February this will change because you will have to be a customer first before you can join that program.

The pro-marketers system is a done-for-you advertising system where a mentor will work with you to setup your blog, your facebook ads, and help you get leads for your business. You also get 1-on-1 coaching with your mentor or coach to help grow your business even more.

In conclusion, I believe this a great program for both network marketing newbies and experts. If you are interested in learning more about AAI then contact me for more information. If you are looking for a sale funnel lead capture page that can connect with your autoresponder to build your list on autopilot then click the button below for more information. Thanks!