HBN Team Builder Project

What do you think is the #1 reason why people fail in network marketing? If your answer is traffic then you’re right, but let me explain!

Are you ready for this? What is the first thing that come into mind when someone mention home-based business? Let me help you with this a little bit! People think about: financial freedom, make money online, working from home, no commuting to an office, been able to travel, been able to take vacation, and so one.

Yet, how many you think would be able to achieve those dreams? Not many, but do you know why? Well, most people think that starting an online home-based business is a get-rich-quick scheme and that’s not true.  Some gurus do promote network marketing as such but in reality network marketing is not a get-rich-quick game. If you are going to start a network marketing business then you must think of it as a long term game plan.

Not thinking of network marketing as a long term plan is one of the reason why people fail in this business. Some gurus teach you to make a list of your friends and families to pitch your business opportunity, right? Well, let me tell you right now that this does not work. If you are building a business solely on the expectation that your friends and families are going to join then I must tell you to stop right there.

Network marketing is about numbers. I’m pretty sure you can agree with me that you don’t have enough friends or relatives to get to those numbers. Not only that, maybe your friends or relatives are not even interested in your business opportunity. If you persist you might lose them because they might get tired of you trying to pitch them all the time.

Remember, almost all home-based business opportunities are about network marketing. Keep in mind those 2 words: NETWORK and MARKETING. You need a network then you need to advertise. Therefore, you have to think of a game plan if you decide to get involved in network marketing. Your game plan should include  advertising. You will have to either set it up yourself or join a team that already have it set up.

Now, let me tell you that I have found a business opportunity that come with an advertising game plan.  Which means they have decided to provide a solution to the #1 problem that most people face in network marketing. Listen, if you have had enough with all those gurus pitching you about selling products to your friends and families then you need to check this out.

The following are the 3 reasons why I join this company. First of all, I got a free gift card to try any product that the company offer. Second, my affiliate link has been added to a team traffic rotator.  I’m getting daily traffic to my affiliate link. Third, this opportunity is free to join! You should check this out if you are truly serious about starting your own business working from home. Click the link below to watch a video presentation for more information. Thanks!

HBN Team Builder Project Video