Autoresponder List Builder

I’m going to help you build your list and create residual income with this system!

The money is in the list! Chances are you have already heard of this saying before, right? And, probably you are tired of hearing it because you probably don’t even think building a list is necessary for your network marketing career. Well, let me tell you that I was in your shoes a few years ago.

A few years ago when I got into network marketing I did not think strategically. I did not think of network marketing as a business as any other traditional business. I thought all I needed to do is join a company then get my affiliate link to as many people as I can. Well, That is what most of those network marketing companies teach you to do any way. I never make any money doing it this way.

Here is what I discover during the past few years, I have to warn you, this is going to be a shocker. People don’t do business with people they don’t know. You might get someone to see your affiliate link through advertising on social media, traffic exchanges, and much more. But, until you start building a relationship with those people they are not going to do business with you.

The question is: how do you build relationship with thousands of people online? Well, the answer is:  email marketing through list building strategy! Therefore here are what you need to be successful online: first, you need a lead management system. Second, you need a lead generation system or strategy.

What is offering you? I’m glad you asked! I have put together a great offer for you to help you build your list once you join my List Builder Project by clicking any of the banner image you see on this page. You can also join by clicking the list builder project tab on the main menu page of this website. But you have to show me that are committed in order for me to help out.

First, you need to claim your free email marketing funnel by clicking the image above or below this page. I want you to take some time to go through the funnel and make sure you understand how our system works. It’s important for you to do because I’m going to use the same technique to get others to join your list and make you money.

Second, at then end of the funnel you will see a video explaining what you need to do to get you funnel system up and running. You will need to take this step. This is how you show me that you are committed. I’m not just offering you an eBook to read and say go do this but I’m going to help you actually build your list.  Did I mention that it’s free to get started? Yes, it’s free!

Third, let’s connect on skype or facebook for followup! Yes, you need to connect with me first before I can plug you into my traffic generation system. If you have done all the steps in the video that I have mentioned to you then you have already setup your free email marketing funnel. Now, you need to start sending traffic to your funnel. This is what my blog is here to help you achieve. Click below now to get started!