Virtual Business Card Profits

Add My Link Marketing is now advertising virtual business cards! What do you mean? OK, let me explain! When was created, the goal was to help small and home-based business owners advertise their business under the title Add My Link Marketing. This service has been relaunched since then. Now our advertising service will promoting customers who purchase virtual business cards from our network.

Why Advertising Virtual Business Cards?

Under the Add My Link Marketing system, advertisers would buy an adposition from our rotator system then they will send us their business or affiliate links to be added in our system. We even had a free promotion where people could get 1 position in our system for free. Well, you can imagine what happened. Not 1 decided to purchase additional position because they were happy with their 1 position in our system.

A decision had to be made! If every business owner keep selling for free then sooner or later they would have to shut down. Therefore, I decided to try a different approach. The add my link marketing system will be reserved for only people who purchase a Virtual Mobile Card from my network. Once a Virtual Mobile Card is purchased then I will advertise your Virtual Mobile Card for free in our system.

This would be a win-win for everyone! You get a mobile business card which will help you save money on buying plastic business card and you also get free advertising from me. As for me I get a commission from you buying your virtual business card from my system. But, that is not all! You also get a commission on the next customer who buy in our system because the next customer could be buying their virtual business card from you.

Where Do We Purchase The Virtual Business Card?

You can contact me if you want to work me directly. Or, for faster access, you can go to the “My Virtual Business Card Tool” tab in the top menu of this website. A virtual business card from me or one from my customers will be displayed. Feel free to take a look at whatever that member is promoting. You never know, you might need it! Then, you should see an option to get you own virtual business card. Click on that option to make your purchase. Whomever business card was displayed will get the commission it could be you!

Your virtual business card comes with great additional features like:  text messaging, international calling between US and Canada, list management, and much more. If you are looking to build a huge network which involves working with clientele in both US and Canada then you need this virtual business card. I have been using it myself and it feel great to just text or email my virtual business card link to prospects.

Think about this! Where does people spend most of their time now a day? If you say their mobile phones then you are absolutely right! So, one rule of marketing is to meet with people where they are and that is what you are able to do with your virtual business card.

Your virtual business card is not just to advertise here but it will also help you build your own business. If you have question about this service then feel free to add your comment or question to this post.  You can also contact me directly using the contact form provided on this website. If you are ready to get started then click here now!