Traffic Wave Autoresponder Compensation Plan

What is Traffic Wave?

Traffic Wave is an autoresponder that comes with a fast track compensation plan and a 3×10 matrix compensation plan. Traffic wave is pretty attractive to affiliate and network marketers because not only they can use the system to build their list of subscribers but they get paid for referring others.

Traffic Wave is a network marketing company that is really different from other network marketing companies.  First of all, traffic wave has been around for a long time. Second, they do have a service that is much needed for marketing purposes.

Affiliate and network marketers are not the only one that are interested in Traffic Wave. Small business owners are also interested in Traffic Wave because of the service they provide. No matter what your business is you need a way to reach your customers, clients, or subscribers and this is what Traffic Wave offers.

What is an autoresponder? An autoresponder is a tool that help you automate the process of communicating with your customers, clients, or subscribers after they have opted in to receive email notification or newsletter from you. In other words, autoresponder helps you remind your customers about your business.

They are a lot of autoresponder out there. I have been trying and testing many of them and this is what I discover. Some autoresponder charge you per subscribers. Personally, I find that to be ridiculous. Some even charge you for subscribers that are not active. This is such a waste of money.

Traffic Wave does not charge per subscribers. You only pay $17.95 per month and that is it (that’s what i like the most about Traffic Wave). Also, because Traffic Wave has been in the market for a long time the system can be easily integrated with other sales funnel lead capture page system. As a matter of fact, most sales funnel I have let you connect your traffic wave campaign to their system.

What can be better than that? Well, truth be told they are other systems that offer autoresponder service for a one-time setup fee. On the surface, once would be quick to purchase those offers but you have to really think about what you really want to build before making that decision. Those one-time fee autoresponders might not have all the settings that you are looking for in an autoresponder.

I’m not saying that one-time fee autoresponder are not good but you do need to do your due diligence to make sure that it works for your business model. For example, I have an autoresponder that I have purchased a few years back for one-time fee. I still have it and it works fine until i purchase I sale funnel system that could not be integrate with that autoresponder. Do you see where I’m going with this? You need to know what you are looking to do with your autoresponder.

Traffic Wave Fast Start and Matrix Compensation Plan

Let’s go back to the compensation plan for those of you who are interested in promoting Traffic Wave. For every business you refer to Traffic Wave they will pay you 100% commission fast start bonus. That means you get paid $17.95 for referring that business to them. How great is that? I don’t know of any other autoresponder that is doing this.

You refer others all the time to companies, product, and services that you think migh help them solve a challenge. Well, Traffic Wave is willing to pay you when you refer others to use their autoresponder email marketing system. And the pay you 100 percent commission for doing so. But, guess what, that is not all because you are also added to a 3 by 10 matrix compensation plan structure when you become their affiliate.

Each level get activated depending on how many active member you have referred. When you refer 1 active member you unlock 3 levels of the matrix compensation plan. When you refer 5 active members you unlock 5 levels of the matrix compensation plan. Once you have referred 10 active members then you have unlocked all your 10 levels of compensation in your Traffic Wave organization. Click here to learn more about how much you get paid per level.

Are you already a member of traffic wave?

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