Hello and welcome to our coaching page! Our goal here is to provide free education, training, and coaching about topic related small and home-based business. Our topics will include the followings: accounting, bookkeeping, income taxes, marketing, adverting, networking, and much more.

Those coaching lessons will be delivered through video format and will be posted as a submenu under this page for anyone interested in those topics to enjoy. Also, if there is a topic for which you would like to see a video here then feel free to send me a comment through one of my blog or you can reach me via chat.

I will be more than happy to research a subject based on demand. In the meantime, I have include some great resources that I think might be helpful to your business. Feel free to check them out below. Thanks for stopping by!

SMART Blog provide free training tutorials on achieving and setting SMART goals for your business or any other activities you might be working on. If you have always wondered how to set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic in a Timely manner, then this blog is what you need to get started today.

Fix Credit Tool Box Blog provide free tutoring, training, and lessons about how to fix your credit without spending thousands of dollars in the process. The lessons are free, short, and very easy to learn. You do not even need a subscription account to go through the lesson plan. All we care about is providing you with useful information to help you fix and build your credit.

Watchmen Bible Project Blog is for those who are interested in biblical topics dealing with prophecies in Daniel, Ezechiel, Revelation, and more. We have created this blog to research topic in the news that might have something to do with some biblical prophecies. If you ever had an interest in biblical subjects then you might be interested in what this blog has to offer. Banner and Website Rotator is the rotator PRO Marketers Use! You’re just minutes away from streamlining ALL your advertising and promotion! Advertise one URL address and Promote an UNLIMITED number of websites! Best of all, you can start for free today. Other benefits of include: affiliate program, affiliate co-op, main site co-op, and much more.

Academy of Business Credit and Funding provide all sort of funding solutions for real estate investors and small business owners. This company can help you connect with funding sources that are not available to most bank. That is why they can help you get funding for projects that most bank would deny. Visit the academy of business credit and funding today to learn more about their financing services.

Small Business Registered Agent Services and More is your link to information and service about registering LLCs, for-profits, non-profits, and corporations. You gain access to everything you need to know to register your business in any state within the US. You can open an account for free and only pay as you go if you order of the service been offered. Click the link above to visit their website today.

My Traffic Coop is an online marketing marketing platform where advertisers can buy shares to have their video ads, banner ads, and text ads displayed in the platform. Advertisers pay a monthly fee to use the system. The system also have an affiliate program where advertisers get paid when they refer other advertisers to the system. There are currently thousands of advertisers promoting the platform online. This can generate tons of traffic for those who are looking for online exposure.

Leased Ad Space is an online marketing platform that combined the power of email marketing, solo ads marketing, blog marketing, content marketing, ad board directory, personal blog, and income stream generation in one place. This system is a little bit challenging to use due to the fact that they can only accept bitcoin payment at this time. Therefore not too many business owners are taking advantage of the platform. I believe this is all going to change because the owners of Leased Ad Space just announce that they are working on accepting debit/credit card payment in the near future.

IBO Tool Box is an online marketing platform that combines the power of blogging and social media into one. You can search the platform for liked minded individuals and engage with them. IBO Tool Box is a free platform where you get credit for engaging with others. You can use those credits to buy ad package in order to advertise your website or affiliate link in the system.

Infinity Traffic Boost is an online marketing platform that combines the power of traffic exchange, banner ads, text ads, and revenue sharing into one program. This marketing platform is more suitable for affiliate marketers, network marketers, online home-based business owners who need to build an income stream while advertising their favorite home-business opportunity. The only challenge with ITB is that they only accept bitcoin at this time.

Social Monkey is an online marketing platform that help you build backlinks to your website over time. Backlink help your website get ranked faster in search engines like google, yahoo, and bing. Please note that this is not the only technique to use for search engine ranking. You should use this technique carefully because too much backlinking in a short period of time could do more harm then good.

Lead Management Tools provide users with a platform where they can create their own squeeze page, landing page, or lead capture page which are attached to an auto-responder for email marketing purposes. Those system can cost an arm an leg if you don’t know where to look. Click the link above to read a great article about how you can build your list using our cost-effective lead management tool.