Free Classified Ad Board

Welcome to Free Classified Ad Board!

Our Open Ad Board is designed to help you promote or advertise your product, service, affiliate link, or small business to our site visitors.

Our mission is to send quality SEO traffic to your listing. If you post an ad in our ad board using our featured ad service, we put our system to work for you. Of course you can advertise your business with us for free. But, Featured ads members get more visibilty in our system.

In order to start using our ad board just go on top of this page and just hover your mouse on the free classified ad board tab. Doing so will display the Open Ad Board option. All you have to do is click on it to go to the ad board.

We call this option Open Ad Board because this ad board is open for anyone who need to advertise a small business or affiliate link or a product/service. In other words this is a multi-purpose free classified ad aboard.

We are working on a second classified ad board where people can create property listing for others to see. That one will be a great platform where real estate agents, real estate investors,  home buyers, and home sellers can create listing and work on deals.

The Open Ad Board does have a real estate categories but this is more for people offering room or house for rent type of deal. The real estate free classified ad board will only focus on properties that are for sale type of deal. Visitors will be able to access this ad board by hovering on the free classified ad board tab and clicking on the specific link provided. Thanks for reading!