Hello and welcome to our marketing service page! Let me introduce you to “Add My Banner Marketing System.” I help small business and home-based business owners maximize their profits by helping them advertise online for a small one-time setup fee. I create training videos that are design to provide education and coaching on topic that are related to online marketing.  This could mean a lot of traffic for your business.

Our marketing training videos will include topics such as: SEO content publishing, email marketing, list building tool review, online marketing techniques, internet marketing techniques, affiliate marketing tips, network marketing strategies, cost-effective advertising, and much more. We will also offer banner advertising on those video pages. If this is something that would interest you then keep reading for more information.

Have you ever heard of the following terms: pay-per-click, cost-per-click, cost-per-view, cost-per-impression, cost-per-action, cost-per-signups, etc. All those terms refer to online marketing service where you pay some sort of fee for every actions the system generate for your link. Guess what! Our system does not charge any cost per impression or cost per view. We do not charge any monthly fees. Just one-time setup fee and you just sit and relax!

If you have had experience with those system in the past then you know that you could end up spending a lot of money without getting the desired result which is actual sales. Furthermore, how do you make sure that clicks on your website are from real human beings when most online marketing companies are using automated system to produce fake clicks on websites?

Did you know that robots can even mimic filling out forms, contacting you, or even registering to your lead capture page? This is sad but that is the truth and you and I are the one suffering from those fake traffic. It’s really hard spending tons of cash to get traffic when you have no guarantee that those traffic are from real people. And the worst part is that you are paying for those traffic month after month.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can pay for traffic one time then forget about it? Yes, of course! But, where do you find this type type of service, right? Well, guess what, you are at the right place. I have created a system where I can help you promote your website for a one-time setup fee. All you need to have is a banner for your website.

If you don’t have a banner, I can help create one for your business at no additional cost. If you would like to learn more about this service then feel free to get in touch with us through our chat form or you can click on the link below to get the process started. We are looking forward to help you maximize your profit with our low cost advertising service.

We also help small businesses setup email marketing and social media marketing campaign. If you have a business that you would like to promote on social media like facebook for example then you need to talk to us right away. We can provide coaching so that you can do it yourself or we can do it for you. The choice is yours! Send us a chat request for more information today. Thanks for reading!