Are you risking Facebook jail?

Have you ever heard of Facebook jail? If NOT you need to read this blog! If YES you still need to read this blog!

What is it? Apparently Facebook has been implementing some strict rules to discourage spamming on its social media platform. Therefore, a lot of affiliate marketers and network marketers have seen the account suspended and banned from Facebook. In case your mind is wondering about whether they actually does this or not, well, don’t because the answer is YES.

The real question is: how do you avoid been a victim of Facebook jail? This could be a tricky question to address but I will do my best. Please, feel free to do you own research on the subject because whatever I’m about to share here is for educational purpose only. Also, It’s based on what other network marketers have shared with me. What I mean is don’t consider this post as expert advise on the subject.

One more things you need to consider about any post that you read online is that things change. What might be true today might not be the case tomorrow. Laws and regulations change all the time. Therefore, always consider doing more research on any subjet matter before drawing any conclusion. Ok, now that is off my chest let’s get started!

According to what I was able to collect from one network marketer, it seems like he was banned from Facebook after he was caught promoting a link that was considered suspicious. It is not clear if the link was suspicious itself or if it was the way the link was advertised that was suspicious. According to my experience Facebook can block people from sharing any link that look suspicious, but to ban an entire account from using Facebook, there must have been some repeated offenses.

What I want people to consider is that there is a professional way to advertise on Facebook or any other social media. If you keep advertise the wrong way your account can get suspended. If you have a business and you are not on Facebook then you are losing a lot of traffic that could mean potential leads or sales for your business. Therefore, you need to be careful and think the way you market your business on Facebook.

Facebook is place where families and friends can meet to matter where they are in the world. This was the primary purpose for the creation of Facebook. Nowadays the platform has evolved to attract small and online home-based business owners due to the fact that people spent hours on Facebook. I can bet with you 90 percent of people you see using their mobile phone are searching for things on Facebook. If you have a business to show the world then you don’t want to be blocked from creating a Facebook account.

Now let me give you one example that you should avoid doing on Facebook. Have you ever posted something on Facebook and then got a notification that someone responded to your post. You got all exited just to notice that someone just posted a link as a reply to your post advertising something that is completely unrelated to your post. How did that make you feel?

If you say ANGRY then you know how others would feel if you were to do the same thing. I have seen people instructing others use this as a way to get exposure to their website or link. Truth be told here! I, myself, was guilty of that spam technique until I learn the proper way to advertise on Facebook. Thanks to God I was not put in Facebook jail because it was a one-time occurrence. Trust if you keep doing this way and got reported by Facebook users as someone who is using spam techniques then you are at risk of being blocked from using Facebook.

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