Shopfreemart Compensation Plan

What is shopfreemart?

Shopfreemart is a network marketing company that sell health and wellness products to its customers or members. Here is a list of some of the products that are sold by Shopfreemart: Shopfreemart vitalize incubated egg extract, Freemart D-Cal Boron, Sugar-D, Hydration Drops, Shopfreemart Immunize, Freemart Siaga, Freemart nano card, Shopfreemart anti-radiation stiker, Shopfreemart gold shield EMR Protection, etc.

Anyone interested in learning about what those products are or does will have to google them on search on YouTube for more information. Our goal here is to talk about Shopfreemart compensation plan as a network marketing company. Shopfreemart compensation plan is a unilevel plan.

The goal of the founder of Shopfreemart is to break away from matrix compensation plan, binary compensation plan or part of it, 1-up, 2-up, or 3-up compensation plans. The founder of Shopfreemart is also trying to break away from the modified or hybrid type of compensation plan or part of it. Therefore, the founder of Shopfreemart believe that the unilevel compensation plan would the best plan for the company to adopt.

Shopfreemart Unilevel Compensation Plan

Shopfreemart unilevel compensation plan is a hybrid fast start profit sharing plan on the front  end of a 9-level unlimited width profit sharing plan.

Shopfreemart Fast Start Profit Sharing Plan

If you refer one customer to Shopfreemart and they make a purchase. You will earn 10% in commission from the sale. If you refer 2 more customers who make purchase then you will receive 20% in commission. If you refer 3 more  customers then you receive 30% in commission. If you refer another 3 then you start making 40% in commission.

Shopfreemart Ranking System

Each customer you refer to Shopfreemart who make purchase not only give you commission but you also advance in rank with the company. 1 customer make you a Diamond Member. 2 more customers make you a Double Diamond Member. 3 more customers make you a Triple Diamond Member. If you get another 3 then you advance to Ambassador. More information about other benefits that Ambassadors get can be found on their website.

Shopfreemart 9-Level Unlimited Width Compensation Plan

Shopfreemart will pay commission 9 levels deep in this compensation plan. Members are not limited on how many customers they can have on each level. All levels in this type of compensation can have unlimited members or customers and you are paid down to 9 levels deep.  Refer to the image below for more information out how much you get paid on each level.

In Conclusion

Everything that is mentioned in this post is considered to be true as of the time of this post. We would not be liable if things were to change over time regarding Shopfreemart and/or its compensation plan. Everything we share here at is for educational purpose only. The compensation plan we talk about here is not a guaranty of income. Readers must do their due diligence before doing business with any company.

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