Smart Life Coaching

What is Smart Life Coaching?

You probably click on this page because you were curious to learn what kind of smart coaching I have to offer you about your life, right? Well, I use this title for this page on purpose. I wanted you to wonder a little bit because  I know the word smart is very subjective. Something I might consider to be smart for me might not be so for you, right?

Well, how about we take the word SMART and make it an objective word so both you and I can relate. How is that possible, you ask?¬† See, we can use the word SMART to mean something like “intelligent.” But we can also use the word SMART to mean something other than intelligence and this is what our life coaching videos will be based on.

First, Let define SMART as something that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Do you see where I’m going with this? If you are thinking about the methodology for setting goals then you got it. That is exactly what this page is about. OK, don’t worry! I’m not going to have you sit here and read a bunch of goal-setting stuff. But, I’m going to have you watch videos.

What am I including this page as part of Well, is all about advertising and marketing your business. Believe it or not, you need to set advertising and marketing are goals that you need to set for your business. In other words, all your business plan including your advertising and marketing should be based on the SMART system.  Therefore, your business and life goals should be SMART!

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